🏗️ Creating an account and start using MyPup

    How do I start using MyPup?

    Step 1: Creating an account 

    1. Go to my-pup.com/users to get started
    2. Click on the 'Sign Up button
    3. Fill in your details
    4. Check your e-mail inbox to activate your account

    Step 2: Select Pick Up Point

    1. Click on the activation link and log in with your details
    2. Fill in your contact details so you can be notified when you receive a package
    3. Choose your Pick Up Point from the list. You can also fill in the address to find the correct Pick Up Point
    4. You will now receive your personal MyPup delivery code via e-mail. You can also find this delivery code when you log in on the MyPup website and in the MyPup app

    Keep note of the delivery code; You will use it for future orders.