↩️ Returning parcels via MyPup

Returning parcels via MyPup is possible from pickup points in The Netherlands and Germany.

You can easily return packages using the MyPup Pick Up Point. You can do this free of charge if you already have a (return)shipping label. Please make sure to attach the shipping label to the package before placing it in the locker.

To return a shipment, you have to register it through the MyPup app or website.

  1. Go to Parcels, and press Send
  2. Fill in the destination details and specify if you have a shipping label.
  3. Fill in the parcel details and optionally a reference (i.e. tracking number) and press Next
  4. You will see a unique parcel code (i.e. AB-12), write this code on your parcel.
  5. Press Next to reserve a locker to place the parcel in
  6. You will now receive a locker number and PIN that you can use to open the locker to drop off your parcel. 

MyPup will collect the parcel from the locker and ship it with the designated courier service. Return shipments with a label can take up to three business days to process.

Please note: The delivery code is only valid for 24 hours. If you have not placed the package in the vault within this time, you will need to re-register the shipment.

Please note: Returns with a pre-paid label are sent with the relevant courier service and not by MyPup. Use of this is at your own risk. More information about the shipment can be found on the website of the relevant courier service.