💥 Damaged items

 What to do if I have have received a damaged item?

We're very sorry to hear that you have received your parcel damaged. At MyPup, we handle packages with great care. Unfortunately, it is not always clear if the damage of the parcel has occured before it was received by MyPup, or if it happened during the transport to the Pick Up Point.

If we notice a damaged parcel arriving to our warehouse, we will always make sure to reach out to you, so you can get in touch with the sender of the item. 

It is also possible that the parcel looks intact, but the contents of the parcel are damaged. If this is the case, please reach out to us via the chat widget on this page, or via info@my-pup.com. Please include pictures of the damages of the parcel and/or the contents. We will get in touch with you on how to proceed